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DC Lighting: Fixtures, Bulbs & Custom Solutions

Marshall DC Lighting is Leading the DC Lighting Evolution, providing dc led lamps, bulbs & fixtures, and DC lighting solutions for a variety of off-grid, remote & DC-to DC applications.



Lighting downtime caused by AC grid failure and outages has created organizational safety & financial risks, creating an imminently growing need for DC-powered lighting. Cost of building power continues to increase, and lighting costs represent over 70% of power usage; AC limits the ability to control power costs & efficiency by incorporating DC power sources.


Locations & Applications

Electrical Utility Substations, Control Rooms, Data Centers, Dedicated DC-to-DC applications, and DC Microgrids

Micro-grid / Off-Grid / Battery / Load Sharing

Connect Directly to DC Power Sources

connect to renewable & sustainable DC power sources (battery storage, solar panels)

The Problem

Lighting downtime caused by AC grid failure, outages, and other threats create organizational safety and financial risks.  Risk of failures has created an imminently growing need for DC-powered emergency, back-up, remote-site, and off-grid lighting.  The cost of building power continues to increase, and lighting costs represent over 70% of power usage.  AC limits the cost savings and reduced carbon footprint benefits from renewable and sustainable power sources (Solar, Battery Storage).  AC limits the ability power control costs & efficiency and the flexibility of sharing lighting power consumption among various power sources, further limiting control of power usage & costs.   AC to DC conversions in standard AC systems are inefficient (avg. 5 to 10% conversion loss).  In many processes where consistency and lighting quality is priority.  AC lighting circuits are “noisy” and inconsistent, causing flicker and pulsing.

Leading the DC Lighting Evolution

The DC Lighting Solution

Marshall is leading the DC lighting evolution - bringing DC LED to the commercial  & industrial world. Our reliable LED fixtures address the growing need for DC to DC, back-up, remote-site, and off-grid lighting. 

LED is the proven replacement for Incandescent…with longer life span and more efficient than standard fluorescent (tube) lamps.  Marshall DC LED fixtures are manufactured with LED lamps.  DC lighitng is the essential link between lighting and DC power sources, seamlessly connecting to renewable / sustainable DC power sources (solar & battery storage).

The building power industry is evolving toward DC…you should be prepared for any contingency, so we offer a variety of DC fixtures that  helping you mitigate risk of lighting downtime and provide you peace of mind.  We believe you should never be left in the dark.

Applications & Locations

Lighting Downtime Protection

Emergency Back-up Systems

Traffic Surveillance Control Rooms

Electrical Sub-Stations

Broadcasting & Utility Control Rooms

Computer & Telephone Control Rooms

Battery & Equipment Control Rooms


Remote Location Structures

Off-Site Trailers

Hazard & Corrosive Resistant Locations

Explosion Proof Locations

Food Preparation Plants

Clean Rooms

Cold Storage

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DC Lighting Introduction

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Featured video

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Watch the video

Marshall JLEDs on CAL POLY DC-Powered Rec Center - Ghana, Africa