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What We Do...

Marshall DC Lighting is Leading the DC Evolution, providing 48DC and 125DC LED light fixtures for alternative energy, off-grid, and emergency lighting solutions worldwide...we believe you should never be left in the dark.

Who Uses Us?

Commercial & Industrial facilities, Electric Utilities, Data Centers, Healthcare, Government, Military, Colleges & Universities rely on Marshall for its DC Lighting solutions


Electrical Utility Substations, Equipment Control Rooms, Computer Centers, Emergency Healthcare Operations

Alternative Power Lighting Solutions

With the advancement of alternative energy technologies (solar, battery, fuel cell and wind generation), Marshall DC Lighting offers a wide assortment of DC light fixtures for your off-grid LED fixture solutions.

Emergency / Back-up / Risk Management

48DC and 125DC

Seamlessly connect to DC power sources.

Emergency / Back-up / Off-Grid / Remote-Site

Leading The DC Evolution

Marshall is leading the DC evolution - bringing 48DC & 125DC lighting to the world. Our reliable LED fluorescent fixtures address the growing need for emergency, back-up, remote-site, and off-grid lighting. 

You should be prepared for any contingency, so we offer a variety of DC fixtures that  helping you mitigate risk of lighting downtime and provide you peace of mind.  We believe you should never be left in the dark.

Why DC Over AC?

Battery systems run on Direct Current (DC). In a traditional Alternating Current (AC) system, an AC to DC conversion is necessary to use DC power. Marshall DC Lighting takes DC battery power and directs it to the standard DC or LED DC loads. The result is a more dependable, constant circuit that operates with much greater efficiency than an AC system. This is one of the major reasons why Marshall DC Lighting is at the cutting edge of the latest in off-grid, remote site, and emergency back-up lighting for industrial and commercial systems.

Blog posts

LightShow West

LightShow West

LightShow West was last week, October 17 & 18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, offering two days of lighting education and solutions geared toward West Coast specifiers of commercial, architectural and high-end decorative lighting products. It was great opportunity to see new products and network with vendors and  partners.  From the incredible...

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Article - "10 reasons the future of lighting is DC grids"

Article - "10 reasons the future of lighting is DC grids" THERE ARE a host of factors driving local – and regional – electricity distribution towards direct current, and with lighting installations going all LED, it’s time the lighting industry began supporting it. Here’s 10 reasons why it makes sense....

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Welcome to the Marshall DC Lighting Blog!

Welcome to the Marshall DC Lighting Blog!

We are so excited to launch our new website that you are now visiting - as part of our vision to further expand the benefits of DC lighting to the world, and to support our mission...bring reliable 48DC and 125DC powered lighting to the world. Our diverse product line offers LED...

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Applications & Locations

Lighting Downtime Protection

Emergency Back-up Systems

Traffic Surveillance Control Rooms

Electrical Sub-Stations

Broadcasting & Utility Control Rooms

Computer & Telephone Control Rooms

Battery & Equipment Control Rooms


Remote Location Structures

Off-Site Trailers

Hazard & Corrosive Resistant Locations

Explosion Proof Locations

Food Preparation Plants

Clean Rooms

Cold Storage