24 DC, 48DC & 125DC LED Fluorescent Fixtures

 Our Mission

Marshall DC Lighting is leading the evolution of bringing DC-powered LED lighting to the world, offering LED fluorescent lighting fixtures to meet the growing need for emergency, back-up, power failure protection, remote-site, and off-grid lighting requirements. 

Progressive engineering, quality components, and solution-centric service are the hallmarks of Marshall’s sustainable value, producing state-of-the-art, quality solutions for the world’s leading-edge applications.  We believe you should never be left in the dark.

 Our History

Marshall first brought forth its technology and DC-powered lighting practices from Nextek Power Systems, Detroit USA (see www.nextekpower.com), a pioneer of DC-powered systems. Marshall became the new outlet for DC LED lighting fixtures.

Although the demand for incandescent bulbs, standard fluorescent tubes and ballasts is quickly declining, there is still a growing demand for 48DC and 125DC power for emergency and back-up lighting.

Why DC and LED?

Battery systems run on Direct Current (DC). In a traditional Alternating Current (AC) system, a AC to DC conversion is necessary to use the DC power. Marshall DC Lighting takes DC battery power, and directs it to the standard DC or LED DC loads.

LED Fluorescent Lighting has proven to be the replacement, although costs are relatively high it is being specified in many lighting application similar to standard lamp fixtures.

Your Benefit

Marshall is in the forefront of this new demand for LED, providing the new alternative; LED fluorescent tubes, spotlights, jelly style, canister type, and replacement LED lamp fixtures are now manufactured with LED lamps, providing significantly longer life spans and are incredibly more efficient than standard fluorescent lamps.

Share your application, and let us provide your turn-key solution today!