DC ON/OFF Switch (5DC - 56DC)

DCWS-48 2-Amp ON/OFF Switch

The DCWS-48 is a 2-Amp ON/OFF switch that solves the problem of high in-rush currents which may cause sparks. Placing the DCWS-48 Switch before a DC power load eliminates in-rush current, providing reliable ON/OFF control for DC input voltages ranging from 5DC to 56DC.  UL listed.


DCWS:                                   DC Wall Switch

Input Voltage:                        5DC to 56DC

Max. Current:                         2 Amps

Connections:                          Screw type

Wires:                                     Use 12-20 WAG cables

Wires to Fixture:                     Use Low Voltage cables

Operating Temp:                      0°C to 50°C    

Unit Size:                                1 1/2” x 1 1/2”” x 4 1/4”

Protection:                              Reverse & Static

Dimming:                                None

FCC:                                        All outputs are RF filtered for minimal interference      

Delay Time:                            100 milliseconds

Certification:                           UL

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